Installing a Custom World into your Server

The instructions below describe how to install a world into your MC Playdates server that you've downloaded from another hosting company, or saved from a single player game. We recommend only using worlds from reputable sources such as Planet Minecraft or Curseforge, or that you've created or downloaded from your own servers.

Navigating this process can be intimidating, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like some help!


To prepare for the installation process, you'll need to have a Minecraft world  in a .zip file. Worlds that you download from Planet Minecraft or Curseforge will already be in the correct format, but if you want to use a world from your single player application, or downloaded from another hosting company you may need to create the .zip file yourself.

Creating a .zip file from a single player world

Follow the instructions in this Sportskeeda article: How to Backup your Minecraft World. After creating the backup, Locate the .zip file that you just created. This is the file you will be uploading to MC Playdates and installing onto your server.

Downloading your world from another hosting company

Each hosting company has their own mechanisms for this, you'll need to consult the documentation they provide for download instructions. Please contact us if you need help, we have experience helping customers download their worlds from most other hosting companies.


1. Upload the .zip file to your MC Playdates Dashboard

2. Install the World

Uploaded worlds may only be installed into servers that already exist. If you have an existing server that you wish to install the world into, select it now. If you'd rather install it onto a new server, go ahead and create it now.

3. Start Playing

That's it, your server is now ready to start playing in the world you just uploaded!

If you're having trouble, we're here for you. Contact us and we'll help get you playing!

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