Frequently asked questions

What is MC Playdates? 

We are a subscription based service that enables parents to safely and securely host Minecraft servers & setup playdates for their kids to play with friends.

Are there any discounts?

Check our pricing page for the latest discounts. Please contact us if we don't offer pricing that works for you.

What devices can I play on?

Any devices that are officially supported for Minecraft. This includes most phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, consoles, and Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. For more information visit the official compatibility matrix on the Minecraft Website.

Where is my Minecraft Server running?

By default, we run your Minecraft server in the Central USA (Iowa). If this is not good for you, we can run it in many locations around the world. Click on the map to view the available options and then visit our support page and let us know where you'd like it. We'll move it right away.

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How do I kick off players that are misbehaving?

You can kick off players that are misbehaving by visiting your server dashboard and un-inviting them. If they're logged in, they'll be kicked out with a "you have been un-invited" message, and they won't be able to connect until they're invited again.

Who is it for?

Parents that want to enable their kids to play Minecraft together with friends, but don't want to become experts in server hosting.

How can I reach you?

Visit our support page and leave us a message.

Do you have international support?

Our website and application is currently only localized to English. We do have the ability to deploy your Minecraft server almost anywhere in the world to make sure that you experience the lowest latency during gameplay. See the answer to the Where is my Minecraft server running question for details on where we can run your server and to request a new location.

Can I control who my kids play with?

Yes. We give you the control over who your kids play with. The dashboard for your server has controls for you to allow all players, or to limit to invited players only. You can change these settings at any time, even while kids are playing, and they take effect immediately.

Can I control the game's violence level?

Yes, you have full control over all of the game settings that Minecraft allows. From the least violent (Creative, Peaceful, Non Player-vs-Player), through survival, adventure, and hardcore modes at all difficulty levels. Simply visit your server dashboard to pick your settings. Changes settings take place immediately, even if players are online playing.

Having trouble getting connected?

If you're having trouble getting your Minecraft app connected to the server, visit our troubleshooting page for some tips that might help. If you still can't get connected, contact us and we'll help ASAP.

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