New Features, Discounts, Submit Your Builds, Seeking Affiliates

January 5th, 2023

We hope you all had a wonderful end to 2022 and start of 2023!

Since launching, we have been hard at work adding new features and functionality to MC Playdates.

  • Host your server from any of our 36 locations
  • 9 New Mini Games
  • Free Server Lobbies
  • Idle Servers Automatically Shutdown & Restart
  • Playtime Scheduler Enhancements

We're also seeking your worlds to be included in future posts, and announcing our early affiliate program.

Questions or comments? Please get in touch! You can reach us directly through our support page.

Submit your worlds to be included in future posts

We're seeking your Minecraft worlds and builds to feature in upcoming articles. To have yours included, please contact us via our support page. If your world is featured, you'll receive a special discount!

Contact us for submission instructions.

Seeking Affiliates

We will launch a formal affiliate program later this year, but are seeking a few early affiliates now.

If you sign up before the program formally launches, you will receive substantially more benefits.

Please contact us if you're interested!

Affiliate Marketing

Summary of our top 5 new features

After gathering and addressing feedback from our early adopters, we're pleased to announce our top 5 major new features.

  • Host your server from any of our 36 locations
  • 9 New Mini Games
  • Free Server Lobbies
  • Idle Servers Automatically Shutdown & Restart
  • Playtime Scheduler Enhancements

Host your server from any of our 36 locations

Hosting a server from a location close to your players results in better gameplay due to decreased network latency.

We've added many new locations all around the world to provide the best experience wherever your players are located.

If you've already created a server and would like to move it to a new location, contact support.

9 new mini games

Mini Games are extensions that add new types of gameplay to your Minecraft experience. For example in Castle Defense each player is assigned to one of two teams and compete to capture the other team's flag. We currently support 9 mini games and are always adding more.

MC Playdates dashboard: Enabling a mini game.
MC Playdates dashboard: Enabling a mini game.
Block Shuffle

When the game starts, the inventory of each player is cleared, and they are given a fixed amount of food to start off. A random block is assigned to each player and they score a point if they find the block and stand on it before their time runs out. After a fixed number of rounds, whoever has the highest score, wins! Inspired by Dream's YouTube video.

Castle Defense

Capture the flag!

Compass Tracker

A hunter versus speed runner game. Inspired by Dream's Manhunt series. Hunters can track speedrunners with a compass.

Death Swap Multi

A PvP minigame that pits everyone against everyone in survival Minecraft. After random intervals, you and a random opponent will swap positions. Whoever dies first loses!


The challenge of skyblock is starting with nothing and building up a huge island base over the void. The game mode will push players, both new and old, to their limits: challenging both the player’s knowledge of the game and their problem-solving skills. Skyblock is one of the most popular survival mini games. The idea is that you can create and expand your very own world infinitely with only minimal materials. It was originally created by Noobcrew, a veteran Minecraft player.


Expand your island by mining an infinitely respawning block. Beware, you never know what you'll get!


The ultimate Parkour game. Each course can have its own set of 'Parkour Blocks'. Reward players after completion, and use the level system to restrict certain courses to only the best Parkour players!

Sheep Quest

Players are divided into 4 teams. Your goal is to get sheep from the middle of the arena and take them to your pen. The team with the most sheep wins!

Speedrun Contest

Challenge your friends and be the fastest to beat the Dragon and travel to the portal.

Don't see your favorite on the list? Contact support with a request; chances are we can add it!

For the most up to date list of plugins and mini games, visit Plugins & Mini Games.


All servers now include free private lobbies. Users are connected to the server lobby whenever the server is restarting, or if they're disconnected from the server. Some mini games (such as Lifesteal) disconnect players when they lose a round. Now those players have something to do until the next round starts.

We challenge you to discover Herobrine's Dungeon!

Idle servers automatically shutdown & restart

The server starting progress indicator.
The server starting progress indicator.

5 minutes after the last player disconnects, your server is backed up and stopped, and automatically restarted the next time a player connects. This ensures the world is the same the next time anyone starts playing.

Playtime Scheduler Enhancements

Parents, when it's time to stop playing, you are probably used to dealing with pleas to extend playtime just a bit longer. We often dread what happens when we say "no". Instead, you can simply set the playtimes and your server will only be available during the times you specify. Now, the computer receives any wrath for ending playtime, not you!

Please let us know what you think!

— Tad, Danielle, & Alex

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