MC Playdates Inter-activity Lobbies

Enriching Minecraft Teaching with Inter-activity Lobbies

August 18th, 2023

MC Playdate’s immersive lobby transforms the way educators manage Minecraft server networks. Enjoy the benefits of a centralized server lobby/hub that enables seamless transitions and instant access between Minecraft activities, ensuring uninterrupted learning and engagement. Technical challenges are eliminated, saving crucial class time. Students can explore the lobby's hidden secrets and interact with each other before class begins and between activities, setting the stage for an enriching learning experience.

Elevate your Minecraft teaching with MC Playdates. Contact us now to explore how MC Playdates can help you increase student engagement and excitement.

Desert Camel Village Minecraft World

MC Playdates' lobby serves as a virtual gateway between distinct Minecraft worlds. Labeled portals provide immediate access to individual servers, allowing participants to switch between them seamlessly.

No more disjointed experiences or abrupt disconnections. Rather than disconnecting after a mini-game, students remain in the lobby, explore, and jump into a new game.

You might wonder, "Why not set up a server lobby on my own?". We understand the complexities. Configuring and managing three servers — main, proxy, and lobby — is tough. From intricate configurations to cost, it's no easy feat. MC Playdates alleviates the burden of configuring and managing multiple servers.

MC Playdates Lobby Rollercoaster

Experience the magic of our immersive server lobby through our
Lobby Showcase video on the MC Playdates YouTube Channel, filmed by our 9.5-year-old Co-Founder, Alex!

Personalized Branding.
Customize the lobby with your content, including logos or even a fully custom world, to create a unique, branded experience that aligns with your educational identity.

Code Knight's Redstone Challenge Portal

Take inspiration from a customer's lobby screenshot showcasing branding with three servers – Bedwars, Medieval Castle, and Redstone Challenge. Their branding extends to the lobby map, fully customizable to your preferences.

Imagine this: right before your class begins, students can explore the lobby's mysteries, making the moments before class as thrilling as the lessons themselves. Explore a world filled with hidden secrets, uncover secret passages, and engage with captivating features that make our lobby truly unique. Get ready to kick off your student's Minecraft experience with a dash of pre-class exploration and a whole lot of fun!

MC Playdates Lobby Hidden Treehouse

Ready to elevate your Minecraft programs? Connect with us now to discuss how MC Playdates can help you deliver a better experience for your students.

Giveaway: Find Herobrine’s Dungeon!

Win $10 off your MC Playdates subscription just by finding Herobrine’s Dungeon. (Hint: You have to go through a maze). This discount is on top of any subscription discounts you may already have!

Giveaway ends Midnight September 30th, 2023, MST. Winners receive $5 off each month for 2 consecutive months. Max of one discount per household. We will contact the winners via DM on the same platform used to mention us.

Happy Crafting!

— Tad, Danielle, & Alex

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