Announcing MC Playdates Bedwars Servers

May 10th, 2023

Are you a fan of the popular Minecraft minigame Bedwars? Hosting a Bedwars server with MC Playdates is the easiest way to get your players playing!

We evaluated several hosting providers, and even looked into engaging a contractor to build out the features we needed. Then we found MC Playdates which provided everything we needed for a super reasonable price. The MC Playdates team worked hands on with us to host a successful season that the kids loved, highly recommended!
— George, owner & head coach at
Gamer Prodigy

See it in action! Gamer Prodigy Esports League just wrapped up their season on MC Playdates Bedwars servers. Check out their Youtube channel to watch streams of past tournaments!

Gamer Prodigy's Youtube Channel

MC Playdates Bedwars servers feature free lobbies, exciting terrain with unique features, gameplay tuned to match Hypixel, and exclusive features for Esports leagues, livestreamers, and spectators. Bedwars fans can now host their own servers without wading through complex and error prone configurations.

Witness how easy it is for yourself with our short Bedwars Minigame Showcase video on the MC Playdates YouTube Channel!

MC Playdates Youtube Channel

The MC Playdates Bedwars dashboard makes it quick and easy to adjust gameplay settings without running any configuration commands. Simply set your gameplay parameters and start playing.

Our simple setup saves you from map curation and builds, and eliminates running over 100 error prone “/” commands to configure the game and get it all right. Of course, if you want to build and play on your own Bedwars maps, that’s also supported.

Hosting a tournament? Running an Esports league? Livestreaming? Want to allow an audience to spectate? We’ve added exclusive features just for you that aren’t available anywhere else.  MC Playdates Bedwars servers enable coaches, referees, livestreamers, and audiences to spectate without interfering with gameplay. Our free lobbies give everyone a place to gather between matches. Contact us for details about special subscription plans designed for streamers and Esports leagues.

Join Gamer Prodigy and other Bedwars enthusiasts by hosting your own Bedwars servers with MC Playdates.  Get ready for exciting gameplay and epic battles. Don't miss out on the fun — sign up today and experience the best Bedwars minigame server hosting for yourself!

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Happy Crafting!

— Tad, Danielle, & Alex

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