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$10 Giveaway. Free eSports league, Coding Class & Hangout. Awesome Builds & How-to Survive in Survival mode!

January 20th, 2023

We’re back again with a jam packed update.

In our last update we deep dived into a bunch of new features. From your feedback, we can tell you’re loving them, especially the lobbies and Minigames!

In this update we announce a social media giveaway, share some free Minecraft experiences for your kids from our partners, inspire you with an awesome build, and teach your kids how to survive their first night in Survival mode.

Before jumping in we can’t help but sneak in one more exciting feature update: We just added the Bedwars Minigame! Along with the game, we have several curated maps to play in. Drop us a request and we’ll share the maps with you and help you set it up. (Hmm, might this be foreshadowing of an upcoming feature 🙂?)

Questions or comments? Contact us directly through our support page.

Giveaway: Find Herobrine’s Dungeon!

Win $10 off your MC Playdates subscription just by finding Herobrine’s Dungeon. (Hint: It’s hidden somewhere in your server lobby). This discount is on top of any subscription discounts you may already have!

Giveaway ends Midnight January 31, 2023 MST. Winners receive $5 off each month for 2 consecutive months. Max of one discount per household. We will contact the winners via DM on the same platform used to mention us.

Gamer Prodigy: eSports League For Kids

We believe that team sports are great for kids development and participation can have lasting life long impact. We love eSports because it’s more inclusive than traditional sports and kids love gaming. Gamer Prodigy partnered with us because we share the same values and we can provide the league with turnkey Minecraft hosting support.

To celebrate this launch, Gamer Prodigy is running the first season of their Minecraft Bedwars eSports League for FREE. Sign up today!

Give your child the opportunity to showcase their talents, make friends, compete in a friendly environment, and develop soft skills in a game they love!

Join Team BedWars!

  • Registration closes January 27th
  • Cost: FREE!
  • Open to ages 7-13
  • All league events feature adult & coaching supervision
  • Remote only: kids play on their own devices in their own locations

Code Knights: Learn to Code in Minecraft

Excited about Minecraft? Did you know that students can learn how to code cool Minecraft mods, then play them with friends? Did you know that people who learn coding could land a really amazing future job?

We believe kids can learn and have fun at the same time. That’s why we partnered with Code Knights. They’ve developed awesome Minecraft based coding classes that students really enjoy.

Check out Code Knights by joining one of these fun FREE events!


Minecraft Hangout

Saturday January 28th

For kids ages 7-15 who want to play Minecraft with other kids without coding. Check out our fun, FREE Minecraft Hangout. This event is a great chance to join current Code Knights students to play fun games.

Hurry! Space is limited!

Register Now


Minecraft Hour of Code

Monday, January 30th

Ready to try coding with Minecraft? Join our Minecraft Hour of Code. Whether you are new to coding or already have experience, you will pick up useful skills. After coding, you can play what you created. It’s a great opportunity to see what the coding experience is like.

Register now to save your space!

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Awesome Sauce, an Awesome Build

Looking for inspiration? Love checking out cool Minecraft builds? Just want to chill out to some great music & scenery? Give Awesome Sauce a view. This awesome world is lovingly crafted by the wolfpack of one of our earliest and most loyal MC Playdates customers!

Interested in your world or build being featured in our future newsletter, blog, and social media posts? Drop us a note!

Surviving Your First Day & Night in Survival Mode

Just getting started with Minecraft in survival mode? Struggling to stay well fed and wish you knew to avoid the mobs that come out at night? Check out this video by Alex Hunt, our 9 year old MC Playdates Co-Founder for some tips and techniques! It teaches you the essentials you’ll need to make it through your first night and beyond. Happy surviving!

Up Next

Let us know what you’d like to see in our upcoming newsletters!

We plan to continue the cool builds feature & include another beginner tutorial.

As hinted above, our next newsletter will share details about a couple of new features: predefined maps & fully configured minigames like Bedwars so you can get playing more quickly!

Happy Crafting!

— Tad, Danielle, & Alex

Get your kids online safely and playing with their friends immediately